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November 15th


K-Trails Adventures

At Strawtown Koteewi Park


Global Adventures



Interested in joining us for an exciting equestrian holiday? K-Trails Equestrian Adventures is expanding our offerings and has curated a number of incredible global riding experiences for our customers!

If you are a skilled rider or someone that needs to learn how to canter before going... there is a trip just for you. These adventures are not large group tours but instead offer small intimate riding holidays for 6-8 people max. We can also arrange for the trip to be a private experience for just your family if that’s what you are looking for in a riding holiday.

K-Trails owner John Stewart has traveled to over 40 countries and is savvy when it comes to planning premiere riding vacations. He always seems to know where to find the best local food, great shopping and will assist you in planning additional tour options to maximize your journey abroad. Each of these trips are focused on cultural experiences where John actually knows the local host or guide. As a horseman, John loves to experience other horse cultures and wants to share these adventures with friends.

It’s a big world... saddle up and go see it.

For more information on any of these global adventures, please email